Crochet in Film

Do you know how many crochet designs make their way into the movies?  There are several that we see on television and film.  In the picture above we see Reese Witherspoon’s character in the car with her dog Bruiser presumably for a drive.  Movies range from ET the Extraterrestrial to The Big Bang Theory and Legally Blonde 2 just thinking about a few that came to mind.  When I see a crochet design whether in a movie or wherever makes me smile.  Crocheting is an activity which I would like to do again.  Some people may not like to crochet, because of what it involves.  Yet you see the end result of the stitching is worth the effort.  Paying attention to detail and working the right stitch is what makes the patterns of your design beautiful.  Learning how to crochet could be tedious and frustrating, but fun.  My first pattern I crochet was a pot holder and as I aspired to work up to scarf and baby blankets patterns the issues of life caught up with me.  Suffice it to say I was unable to continue and keep up with crocheting.  Just yesterday I  ran across my needles.

I quickly snatched them up and put them in my craft box to use for later.  Just holding the needles bought back fun memories of a time when I spent a day with my sister decades ago and she taught me how to use the needles.  I remember the day of how excited I became in doing my first stitch and how happy she was.  I remember seeing sweater hats on the dresser and pot holders hanging in the kitchen where my sister which started as a school project made them.  Unfortunately to this day I do not have them any longer and do not know what happened to them.   I do know that years later I received a gift, when I was married that I do have to this day.

The gift that I received was a set of 3 place mats with napkin holders that a friend of mine crocheted for me.  She even used my favorite color yarn which was impressive.  I only use these for special occasions during the year like birthdays and Valentine’s Day.  I also used for dinner one evening, because I wanted to see them.  After each use I make sure that I clean them from any debris of food, fold them neatly and place them back in their case for next time.  My friend has relocated since then, but I still think about her every time I pull them out to use.  Crochet is a skill that I eventually have the time to practice again in the future.  After all I have to practice for my future grandbabies.


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