Blogging Experience of La

At the beginning of the semester I was assigned to complete projects using social media tools such as Word Press, Pinterest, Twitter, Proto.IO, Pixlr and notepad++.  First I felt discouraged and lost, because it has been a while since I have communicated on Twitter.  The tools that were most effective were the Word Press, Twitter and Pinterest.  These tools entail writing which I enjoyed and gave me a chance to state my opinions.  Also to read what others are saying about movie plots and books is interesting.  The tools that involve projects with computer programming posed to be ineffective.

Ineffective because the apps like Proto.IO and Pixlr seems to be more compatible to Apple products which I do not use.  I would add that they can be used on Android devices.  I had little to no knowledge about how to create a webpage, a mobile app and photo slide shows using Pixlr.  I was comfortable with using Power Point for slide shows.  The mobile app programming was challenging, because the screens were not transitioning from one monitor to other.  Despite the challenges in meeting the deadlines of these projects I found the blogging process more accommodating.  It captured my attention and my topic was good.

If time would allow, I would like to continue with my blog topic like go back another year.  Creating a blog documenting my experience with Fantasy Football would be ideal, but time is a recurring issue.  At this time there is not anything that I would like to my blogs experience.  The only other thing regarding my blog would be to improve it and make it better.  The writing could be improved with additional editing.  The overall experience with blogging has been an exciting one.  What once was a challenge proved to be beneficial?

Utilizing these social media tools has helped me to be current with technology.  I heard people at work talk about these tools and I did not know what they were talking about.  Now I do since I have worked on them for this class.  My writing continues to improve with the blogging.  That is not to say that I am heading to winning a Pulitzer, but it has cause me to continue to be aware of my verbiage.  My writing muscles are flexing and the joy is back.  At work my correspondence and emails are better.

I am glad since at work sometimes entails reading and interpreting statutes and regulations.  These tools will definitely help me with future job searches.  By updating my resume and creating a better profile to better marketing of my skills.  At my job a new department was created with a team that uses social media.  My agency now has an online presence and hopefully these tools will help me get my foot in the door.  Who knows I could land a writing job with this new knowledge.  I am glad that I press through the challenges and finished.

Word Press Stat Info

Which was your most popular week, and how many views and visitors did you get that week?



Answer:  The week of October 17-23, 2016 is where there were 12 views and 4 visitors.

Which was your most popular post of the year? How many views did it get? Why do you think it was the most popular?

Answer: The most popular post was “La’s Corner” which received 13 views, because this was my introduction post which informed my audience of the blog’s purpose and goals.  This may have been the reason that I have a fellow blogger following my posts.

In all of the Site Stats data, was anything surprising to you?

Answer:  At this time there was no surprises, but was grateful that this program was “user friendly.”

Do you have any Twitter, Facebook or other social media stats you want to share?

Answer:  None to report at this time, but do have something I wanted to share regarding part of the writing process for this blog.


Getting back to the pen and paper drafts in my blogging endeavors.



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