The Jungle Book

Every wonder how they were able to get those animals to act that way film?  Is it difficult to cast an animal in a role? Does a director or producer visits a zoo and request to use that animal, or do they know someone who as exotic pets? Sometimes it makes me wonder.

The jungle book movie was AWESOME!  This will be my second time viewing this movie, so I am glad that I can watch on my Google account.  Although this movie was not made during the time period of my other independent films, I wanted to see a movie that animals in it.  It made me remember about the time I went to the zoo.  I

n fact, here are some pictures that I just happened to take.  Enjoy!

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Back to the movie. A young boy raised by wolves is threatened to leave the jungle by a tiger. In fleeing the jungle this young boy learns about his identity with the help of a panther and a bear. That is the plot in a nutshell.  Jon Favreau did a good job with the direction of the movie.  The movie stayed true to the childhood story.  In fact it was better!  If I had to give a rating it would be five stars for comedy, suspense, the animals were fabulous and the actor voices were phenomenon.    Great Movie!



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