Queen of Earth

Enjoy the slides of scenes from Queen of Earth.

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Written and directed by Alex Ross Perry starring Elizabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) which is now available on Netflix and DVD.  Catherine (Moss) who has suffered the loss of her father and breakup with her boyfriend decides to go with her best friend, Virginia (Waterston) to spend a week at the lake house.  After spending some girl time at the lake house their friendship is tested as Catherine seems to suffer from a temporary mental breakdown as she tries to work through the experience of dealing with loss.

My rating for this movie is three.  The film was authentic and raw in that it deals with relationship with self and others.  Here we have Catherine (Moss) who has lost her father to suicide and later her boyfriend leaves her.  It is understandable how a person could come close to mental collapse and exhaustion in dealing with two blows like that.  The plot to my understanding was about Catherine finding her way through all the pain to feel normal.  Her father died due to depression and she didn’t want to end up that way.  So, what do you do when you see your best friend slowly sleeping into a mental breakdown?  How often should you be there for them?  Virginia tries to be there for Catherine, but there is only so much she can do.  This is supposed to be a vacation, a getaway for both parties to relax and bond.  Does this make Virginia selfish that she wasn’t there more for Catherine?


Catherine and Virginia


After all the previous vacation they taken at the lake house Catherine bought a friend with her.  At the time Virginia was going her mental anguish which we assume was a breakup, since it wasn’t really specified in the movie.  Through the exchange of conversation as they said their goodbyes Catherine mentioned an apology in which Virginia indicated that, if Catherine was going through the same thing and she not there for her that they would be even.  The flashbacks helped in that it gave us an understanding of how these two grew apart over the years.  Just brings to mind that you could be in a relationship with someone for many years and still don’t really know them.   In life we go through test and trials that would either make or break us.  Sometimes eventually we come under the knowledge of what’s important and who truly matters.

Rating:  3-star-rating


Per the interview with hammertonail, Queen of Earth was a low budget film that was shot in one location like “Digging for Fire.”  (http://www.hammertonail.com/interviews/a-conversation-with-alex-ross-perry-queen-of-earth/)

Writer/Director Alex Ross Perry indicated that the movie was about privacy and people’s relationship with privacy of how people think that they’re entitled to privacy.  (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/berlin-alex-ross-perry-talks-771720 )

Here is a picture I took of the same theater that actors such as John Barrymore, Spencer Tracy, and Ruth Gordon have done plays on stage.


This theater is located in Chicago. I liked the building. The visit was short.


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