The Lobster

Warning:  Be aware that this film has graphic scenes which involves cruelty to animals.

My rating for this film is three stars due to the originality of the plot that draws interest and the writing.  As usual I do like the cast which includes Rachel Wesiz (Youth), Colin Farrell (seven psychopaths), Ben Whishaw (In the Heart of the Sea) and John C. Reilly (Stepbrothers).   The screenplay was written by Yorgos Lanthimos (also director) and Efthymis Filippou and the setting is in Ireland.

Above being interested in viewing this film I was unsettled.  The plot takes place in this small town where single people have to dwell in a hotel located by the woods to be mated within 45 days.  If they fail to find a mate within the 45 days they get to change into their favorite animal and live in the woods.

In viewing this film there were parts that were weird, funny and unsettling.  Seeing the violence to animals and how the entire movie places an importance on being mated was unsettling.  It just seems that single people are hopeless and misery, if they’re not able to find a mate.  The weird is the treatment of the people who are married versus those that are single.  The married people seem to have the elite lifestyle in where they can go where they please and do what they please without questions.  Whereas the single people of the town were stopped and questioned, because they didn’t have a mate.  They would have to show the officer their paperwork showing why they’re outside alone versus being with their mate.  In the hotel singles are prohibited from masturbating.  Instead they have the disposal of the hotel maid to assuage their sexual urges.  The sexual stimulation with the hotel maid is done fully clothed and underwear is on.  The funny parts are in the mornings there is a gathering of the singles in the hotel.  They are being shown these skits where they see the staff of the hotel demonstrate what happens when you do and do not have a mate.  The movie was about one character in particular.

The character’s name is David (played by Farrell) who finds himself single and has to check into this hotel. In orientation he is told that he has 45 days to find a mate or be turned into an animal.  When asked by the hotel manager about the animal of his choice, David chooses a lobster due to their life cycle and his love of the sea.  Which is why the movie is named “The Lobster.”  To see Colin act in this movie was a sight to see.

I have to admit that I am used to him portraying some cool characters, but this character looked so defeated and down-trodden.  Mr. Farrell pulled it off, because I definitely felt bad for the guy.  David, character, experience a heavy loss and his best friend is a dog who is his brother.  I so wanted him to find someone and not have to turn into a lobster.

The funny was the interaction with the lisping man (Reilly) and the limping man (Whishaw).  The lengths that some of these characters reached in order to keep from being transformed into an animal is understandable.  Those who rebel against the rules escaped to live in the woods where they remained single and hidden.  For those who are in the hotel and want to delay the transformation stage will have to take the life of a rebel which will lengthen their days at the hotel.

Overall the movie was in a way philosophical in that reincarnation comes to mind, because the human form of these characters would eventually have to die in order to be turned into the animals of their choice.  Yet I couldn’t help but think that the animals you see in the woods must be the singles who were not able to mate in human form.  That was sad in itself, because depending on which animal they chose the chances of finding a mate in animal form was slim.

Rating:    purple-star-rating_3


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