Norse’s Captain America: Civil War Review

I like Marvel Comics.  There I said it.  I have and continue to read the comic books.  Superheroes are AWESOME!  Upon my search for like blogs I came across this blog regarding the movie about Captain American.  I am new to the WordPress community and I enjoy it!  I was hesitant, but knew I had to take a step and create my account.  Although it is for class I am leaning towards continuing my blogs after the class has ended.  It is great writing practice; and it is good to connect with other people who have the same and different interests, who want to voice their opinions and comments.

The Norse King reviews the Capital America in a way that does not contain spoilers.  There are some great scenes in the movie that is articulated in the review along with some screen shots that are interesting.  The characters in the film were much like the characters we have all read in the comic books.  Kudos for staying true to the characters in this movie.  The fact is made that this movie is part of the marvel comics franchise is distinguished in the post that is important for those who are reading that may not be familiar with the Marvel Comics franchise.

Also I enjoy that he posts the comic book picture of Ant Man, when he transforms to giant size without giving away too much about the movie.  The director’s name along with actors are included which is important in letting the reader know which character the actor portrays.  In reading this review it took me back to when I saw it at the movies.  Mind you I raced to the theaters to see it on opening day which I had my tub of popcorn ready!




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