The Overnight

The Overnight

When invited to dinner at a person’s house whom you just met, which time is appropriate to leave?  The proper response would be sometime after dinner, but no later than that.  The movie titled, “The Overnight” answers that question for us.  It is understandable that sometimes you meet people whom you instantly click with and talking to them is a good thing, but do not “wear out your welcome” as my mom used to say.  This movie which I was fortunate to find on Netflix which stars Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman (HBO series Bored to Death) and Judith Godréche who are the main characters.

The setting of this movie is in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California where a couple Alex (Scott) and Emily (Schilling) has moved to with their small son, RJ.  In an effort to venture out and connect with other people in the area it is decided that Alex (Scott) would take their son RJ to the park to play where he later meets Kurt (Schwartzman) who invites Alex and his family to dinner.  Which starts out as a friendly get together with the kids turns out to be more than Alex and Emily thought as the night goes on.

The rating for this movie will coincide with Netflix in which I give two purple stars.  In viewing this movie you might to send the children to bed.  This is for adults only and is to be viewed with an open mind. Although I disagree with some parts of this picture which I did laugh at some parts there were parts that were realistic regarding the trials of marriage.  I did relate with the characters regarding having individualized spaces.

Fact:  Mark Duplass produced the movie.  An AWESOME plus for me, since I like Mr. Duplass work on television series such as “The League” and “Togetherness.” Also I look forward to reading their collection of essays which will be published sometime in 2017 according to the Hollywood reporter. (

My rating:           two-purple-star-rating


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