Magic Mike XXL

More candy, please.

This past week I had the pleasure to view Magic Mike XXL. There was so much to see in this movie that I had to peel my eyeballs from the screen.  Some people may say that the plot was weak and just a bunch of men gyrating their hips and man handling women. I liked it and was thoroughly entertained. I always like a man with rhythm and Tatum Channing did not disappoint.

Actors in this movie included Channing Tatum, Michael Strahan, Joe Manganiello, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Andie MacDowell and Donald Glover (Community) to name a few.  In my opinion this is definitely a chick flick that I didn’t take serious due to the subject and weak plot.  It was good in that the characters know their limits in running a business.  They knew that without Dallas the business is basically over.    They’re performers not businessmen who enjoyed being dancers.  This movie was meant to be enjoyed with men whose bodies were tone, fit with sexy dance moves and a good soundtrack.

In this movie we see Mike (Channing Tatum) three years later working in his furniture business.  One day he receives a call from Tarzan (Kevin Nash), one of the strippers he used to work with at the club three years ago. He is informed that Dallas, club owner, is gone. Thinking that Dallas has passed and feeling sad he goes to talk with Tarzan about Dallas only to find that Dallas is not dead, but left the group to start another club else where.  He is then told of the group’s decision to do one last performance at the stripper’s convention in Myrtle Beach. After some thought on the way home and reminiscing Mike decides to put his business on hold to take some time off and joins the group for the last time.

Movie Facts:

Did you know that Channing Tatum mentions that his wife approved of his moves?  According to People Magazine Channing indicates that he performed before his wife in preparing for his role. (

He also hired male strippers to dance for him which also helped. (

Eye Candy Rating:  purple-star-rating_4


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