Digging For Fire

This movie stars Jake Johnson as Tim and Rosemarie DeWitt as Lee are a married couple with a small child who is invited to housesit for a friend in the suburbs.  After settling into this luxurious house and enjoying a day outside in the yard, Tim finds an old bone and a rusty gun on a hill in the backyard.  Tim being curious about finding these items take the items to his wife to discuss.  In discussing the items with his wife he is convinced that there may be a dead body buried and wants to conduct a digging exposition.  His wife not wanting to dig around her friend’s backyard decides against it and Tim agreeing with his wife backs down from the idea.

Lee wanting to have some girl time for the weekend and to give Tim time to do the their taxes decides to take the baby with her to her parents house to babysit. Once alone instead of doing the taxes Tim invites his friends over for a get together.  In talking to his friends about his discovery they decide to dig to see, if there is a dead buried body.  Of course this act goes against what he previously agreed with his wife and the taxes incomplete.

During their weekend apart from one another Lee has some thought provoking moments about being a wife and a mother.  Back at the house more items are discovered while Tim is digging with his friends and at some point afterwards Tim finds himself evaluating his life as well.  Ultimately they each come to the conclusion that they are satisfied with their life and each other.  Tim also decides to return the items back to the hill.

I thought the storyline of this movie is good and thought provoking about relationships.  Relationships This movie is interesting in that the characters both go through what we all go through at some point in our lives regarding self-evaluation.  The character Tim deciding to put the items back where he found them was an understanding that some things are better left alone.  Another aspect that drew me to view this movie first is the casting.  I enjoy watching Jake Johnson in “The New Girl” which I thought was funny, Sam Rockwell in “Seven Psychopaths” and Orlando Bloom in “Troy” to name a few.  To see these actors do other roles was refreshing.

Facts:  Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg created this movie from a true occurrence when Jake found an bone and a rusty gun in his yard at his home.

Fact 2: Tom Bower who plays the neighbor in this movie was in a play before Mr. Pacino became famous.

Fact 3:  Like Coppopla Joe Swanberg uses his child in the movie who was cast as the young son of Tim (Jake Johnson) and Lee (Rosemarie DeWitt).


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