Where’s the popcorn?

My name is Laura and I am an undergraduate and my first year in learning about social media and writing blogs.  Blogging has been something that I wanted to do for a long time, but was unable to move forward to do it.  I guess I was somewhat hesitate and unsure of my writing.  Now I am enrolled into a class which I have to blog.  I am ready to take a leap and jump in.  A few people that I know tells me that blogging is fun and not hard.  
So my blog will be about Independent Films of 2015.  I enjoy watching independent movies where the plots and storyline seems authentic. Learning about the backstory of each film and the mindset of the actors in their roles.  Knowing about the Directors what advice was given to actors and actresses in order to bring the characters on film?  Lastly perhaps some information about screenplay from the creator, if possible.

The target audience will be those who are movie goers interested in knowing anout the movie and behind the scenes information.  This blog will be not just a movie review blog, but one that may have interesting facts about the movie.  I intend to use the Indie Wire, Hollywood Reporter, IMDB, etc.  The goal would be to get as much information about the film and provide my viewing experience.  



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